I was born in Girona, I have lived half of my life in Caldes de Malavella and nowadays I live in  Llagostera (Girona). My starting point in the world of art go back to the time when, with my mother, I’d spend hours and hours painting me pasaba horas y horas pintando coal and oil paintings in Josep Lloveras studio in Cassà de la Selva. I really liked painting, so I decided to go on with it, which I did for many years.

In time I realised that all this was very good, but my work was lacking detail, and besides it was taking so much time for me to acomplish a satisfactory result, painting was something a little bit slow for my taste.
On the day of my communion, mi cousin Anna gave me a camera, photo-roll obviously, a Kodak (Kodak Instamatic). That allowed me to discover an amazing range of possibilities in the art of photography, and succumbed to it, at the expense of painting.
Thanks to these artistic beginnings in my childhood, nowadays I am sort of used to observe and to have an eye for detail, as well as to have a certain taste for things that surround me.
After spending hours in the dark room breathing toxic fumes, and half of my life making and accumulating photographies in show boxes and folders, I have decided to take them out and expose some of my recent work, both in digital and printed form, and to show my particular vision of the world and the things that surround me.